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Say hello to Trovebox

Today we released the upcoming version of OpenPhoto at our hosted service, now named Trovebox.

We spent a lot of time asking you and ourselves what could make OpenPhoto better. The result is a completely revamped user interface and experience.

Sharing photos
We took our first of many steps towards making sharing your photos easy for you and for those you share with. You’ll notice a share icon next to every photo. Clicking it will display 3 options to share your photos.


Share via email
The simplest way is to share via email. Doing this attaches a low resolution photo to the recipient(s). Your photos can be public or private and the recipients won’t have to click a link, login or sign up for a service to view your photo.

Share via Twitter and Facebook
Of course there are times when you want to post a photo to your Twitter or Facebook. Those options are just a click away on the right. You’ll want to make sure the photo you’re sharing is public.

Managing your photos
We wanted to make it effortless to change the title of a photo, make it private or add it to an album. You’ll notice nearly everything can be updated by simply clicking on it.


Just look for the pencil icon and get clicking.


Batch editing your photos
The pushpin is your key to edit photos in batch. You can select all the photos from the sub navigation or selectively click on the pusphin  when you hover over a photo. This adds it to a queue from where you can add tags, albums or change the privacy.


Revamped iPhone and Android apps
We’ve also updated our apps in the app stores. You’ll find all of the same functionality which was there before but with a cleaner and sleeker look.

The team
There were a lot of people who helped make this release possible.

  • Tobias Beisel, iPhone and Android UI and design
  • John Fabrizio, web UI and design
  • Mark Fabrizio, web UI and interaction
  • Patrick Santana, iPhone development
  • Eugene Popovich, Android development
  • Jaisen Mathai, API and backend

And as always the entire community for opening issues, pull requests and keeping us motivated.